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Home Cupcake Business is a place for all new cupcake start ups to find valuable information obtained by first hand experience in the industry.

Even though cupcake businesses are popping up everywhere, cupcakes are still in very high demand but without the right knowledge only some businesses will be successful. The different avenues that you could take your business are numerous allowing plenty of opportunities for new cupcake businesses to cater for and specialise in.

You may be unsure of the legalities of running a cupcake business or want to be reassured that you’re doing everything properly. It can be quite frustrating trying to do everything right when you start your first business, we’ve tried to give you all of the information to make things a little easier for you.

Why Are We Helping?

We know first hand how tough it can be to get good advice and help regarding starting a cupcake business (it’s like it’s a big secret!) There isn’t much useful information on the internet specifically about starting a cupcake business from home in the UK.

If you are already running a business from home, you may find some useful information on our site to help you and for those that are just thinking about starting a new business, we’ve laid out all of the relevant information to get you started.

Having met lots of others who have decided to take the first big step and start their own cupcake business, we realised that we were able to help them using our knowledge and experience. We feel that now is the right time for us to help others and set them on the right path to success.