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How to Speak to Your Cupcake Customers on the Phone

How you interact with your cupcake customers is going to be a key factor in the success of your business.

Whether you’re running the business from home or from a shop, the way you speak to customers has to be high on your priority list of things to work on or develop.

Consider how you would like to be spoken to / treated if you were to order something over the phone. How would you like that conversation to go?

New to Taking Orders on the Phone?

If you’re new to having to speak to strangers and taking orders on the phone on a regular basis you may find it quite daunting and uncomfortable. This is quite understandable, however it’s something that you will have to overcome.

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Home Cupcake Business Stockist Cafe

Start Selling Cupcakes to Local Cafes and Shops

A great way to make additional income from your cupcake business it to supply local cafes, shops and restaurants with cupcakes.

Promotion Opportunities in Shops

There are many benefits to supplying local shops with your cupcakes. Not only is it a great way to make regular income but it also gives you the opportunity to grow your brand, gain new customers and possibly advertise your business.

Home Cupcake Business Stockist Cafe

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Choosing the Best Cupcake Boxes for Your Business

When you’re sending pretty little cupcakes out to your customers, they aren’t the only things that have to be extra special, the box that they’re in needs to be too.

There are various cupcake box designs available ranging from pink polka dot to custom printed boxes.

However most established cupcake businesses tend to opt for simple plain white boxes and then accessorize them in their own style. We would advise this approach before opting for some expensive custom printed boxes.

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