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Home Cupcake Business Twitter Tips

10 Twitter Tips to Help Promote Your Home Cupcake Business


Having a Twitter account is one of the easiest ways to raise awareness of your new cupcake business and also start engaging with potential customers.

It only takes a couple of minutes to set up an account and then you can start interacting with people from all around the world!

Home Cupcake Business Twitter Tips

Top Tips for Using Twitter

1. Always Act Professional

The Twitter account for your new business will be specifically for promoting your business and interacting with people who are interested in it. Don’t use it to vent your anger over something or start an online argument.

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How to Build a Strong Cupcake Brand Identity


The way in which potential customers perceive your home cupcake business will be very important when they come to decide whether to order from your business or someone else’s.

Having a strong brand identity will certainly help you to portray yourself positively and help your potential customer in making up their mind.

It’s all about making your business look as professional and responsible as possible.

Brand Colours

Your brand colours will be used on everything representing your business from business cards to invoices.

The brand colours you choose should compliment your logo and portray your company in a manner that shows your customers what kind of business you run. Vintage inspired smooth, pastel colours will give a sense of calm and subtleness whereas bright colours will give a sense of excitement and playfulness (great if you’re targeting kids birthday parties).

Make your branding welcoming to customers just like you would with a shop!

Work on developing a pallette of colours that compliment each other well. A good source for inpiration is

Getting the colour combination right for your brand is almost as important as making sure you have the right combination of ingredients in your recipes!

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