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Making Sure Your House Gives Your Customers a Good First Impression


First impressions matter for all businesses and your cupcake business is no different, especially as it’s being ran from your own home.

It’s really important to make sure that everything is clean and tidy ready for when a customer comes to collect their cupcakes from your house.

The products that you’re selling are pretty gourmet treats, your place of business needs to represent this too. Of course with a house you can only do so much but you can make sure that it’s welcoming to your customers and doesn’t give off a bad impression when they arrive outside.

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How to Speak to Your Cupcake Customers on the Phone

How you interact with your cupcake customers is going to be a key factor in the success of your business.

Whether you’re running the business from home or from a shop, the way you speak to customers has to be high on your priority list of things to work on or develop.

Consider how you would like to be spoken to / treated if you were to order something over the phone. How would you like that conversation to go?

New to Taking Orders on the Phone?

If you’re new to having to speak to strangers and taking orders on the phone on a regular basis you may find it quite daunting and uncomfortable. This is quite understandable, however it’s something that you will have to overcome.

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Personalise Your Cupcake Business Emails with a Signature


Once you’ve set up your new professional cupcake business email address you should start thinking about adding an email signature to your emails.

An email signature is something that will appear at the bottom of every email that you send out.

It gives you the opportunity to advertise your website and contact details to anyone who receives an email from you, potentially bringing more customers to your website. An email signature also gives you the opportunity to put your brand identity onto your emails just like you would with a letter in the mail!

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