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How to Build a Strong Cupcake Brand Identity


The way in which potential customers perceive your home cupcake business will be very important when they come to decide whether to order from your business or someone else’s.

Having a strong brand identity will certainly help you to portray yourself positively and help your potential customer in making up their mind.

It’s all about making your business look as professional and responsible as possible.

Brand Colours

Your brand colours will be used on everything representing your business from business cards to invoices.

The brand colours you choose should compliment your logo and portray your company in a manner that shows your customers what kind of business you run. Vintage inspired smooth, pastel colours will give a sense of calm and subtleness whereas bright colours will give a sense of excitement and playfulness (great if you’re targeting kids birthday parties).

Make your branding welcoming to customers just like you would with a shop!

Work on developing a pallette of colours that compliment each other well. A good source for inpiration is

Getting the colour combination right for your brand is almost as important as making sure you have the right combination of ingredients in your recipes!

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Developing a Memorable Home Cupcake Business Name

A memorable cupcake business name is going to really help you to stand out from the crowd.

Thinking of a new business name can be one of the most difficult parts when you’re starting a new cupcake business, put your thinking cap on and write down some ideas!

Tips for thinking of a business name:

Write a list of words associated with cupcakes eg. cute, sweet, pretty, yummy

Think of phrases that can be associated with cupcakes

Think about who will be buying your cupcakes, what kind of name would they find most attractive? A cute name may not be the best idea if you’re planning on targeting corporate customers

Don’t use a name that you know another business is using (even if it’s not cupcake related)

Check to see what names your local competitors are using and think of something unique, this will help to pull your website up higher in search engines when people search for your name in Google

Be relevant to the industry, some great example are “Sprinkles”, “Cotton & Crumbs” and “Fancie Cupcakes”

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How Much Should a Cupcake Cost?


An issue that many new cupcake businesses encounter very soon into their venture is that their cupcakes aren’t priced correctly.

When this occurs it’s usually because businesses are underpricing their cupcakes rather than overpricing with the hope of selling more cakes.

Many think that because they’re starting a new business and want to get the first initial orders coming in, they must charge a cheaper price than they would like. This isn’t the case. You should be charging what your cakes are worth and what you deserve.

3 Reasons to NOT Under Price Your Cakes

The big problems with underpricing your cupcakes in the beginning are:

1. You won’t be making anywhere near as much profit as you should be, making it almost pointless to carry on taking orders if you’re only just managing to cover the cost of the ingredients.

2. If you start with a low price and have lots of customers, it’s going to be very hard to increase the price considerably all of a sudden. This means that you will have to slowly increase the price over a long period of time, meaning that you won’t be making the profit you should be for a very long time.

3. A cheap price tag won’t reflect the quality of your cupcakes, confusing your potential customers as to whether you are actually selling a high quality product or not!

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