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A cupcake business needs a vast array of equipment and kitchen utensils to function properly.

Here we will run down a list of some of the most important equipment that you’re going to need.

What ever your budget might be, you should try to obtain everything on this list for your new business.

1. High Quality Mixer

The main tool of your business is going to be a mixer, so invest in the most reliable, high quality one you can afford.

To help you choose a food mixer we’ve created a comparison chart here.

2. Kitchen Scales

One of the essential items you will need is a set of scales for measuring out the quantities for your recipes. You could also opt for digital scales depending on your personal preference.

3. Non Stick Cupcake Baking Trays

High quality, non stick baking trays are essential for baking your cupcakes in and are easy to wash afterwards.

Make sure you have plenty of of baking trays ready for when you get lots of orders coming in!

4. High Quality Sieve

You’ll be using a sieve a lot for ingredients such as flour, icing sugar and cocoa powder, make sure your sieve is up to the task and will last a long time.

5. Cooling Racks

There are many types of cooling racks available, they all do the job extremely well however we would highly recommend the stackable racks. Being stackable means that they aren’t going to take up as much surface area in the kitchen giving you more space to work.

No matter what size kitchen you have, you will definitely see the benefit of using these.

6. Oven Gloves

Once your cupcakes are baked you’re going to need to be able to get them out of the oven swiftly before they burn.

Make sure you have a good pair of oven gloves ready so that you don’t risk burning your hands!

7. Apron

Your apron doesn’t need to be anything fancy, it’s going to get messy anyway! But you will definitely need one to cover your clothes while baking.

Expect it to get quite dirty, so having an extra couple at the ready is recommended.

8. Measuring Spoons

Ingredients such as lemon juice, baking powder and vanilla essence will require you to measure out the quantities in teaspoons (tsp). It’s best to get a set of measuring spoons specifically for the use of your cupcake business.

9. Cutting Mat

Ideal for cutting ingredients in the kitchen and also rolling out icing. Dishwasher safe cutting mats are the best as they are very time saving. The different colours will help you differentiate between the boards you use for icing and the ones you use for cutting ingredients.

Thin mats are better for this type of home business as they can be easily stored away and take up much less room than regular cutting boards.

10. Mixing Bowls

When your buttercream has been made, you will need to transfer it into a mixing bowl ready for colouring. It would be best to get 3-4 of these in various sizes as you may have occasions when you need to dye a large or small amount of buttercream.

11. Computer with Internet Connection

Your computer probably won’t be used in the kitchen like most of the other equipment (keep it nice and shiny!) but it’s going to be a vital asset for your new business.

Running the business from home means your main point of communication will be through your website, emails and phone.

It won’t matter if you choose a PC or Mac, that is simply down to personal preference, however you will need to have a basic understanding of sending emails. A fast internet connection is also recommended so you never have to worry about wasting time waiting for emails to load.

12. Mobile Phone

You will require a new phone number and phone in order for your new customers to contact you. Ideally your phone should also have internet access, this will allow you to read your emails (orders, enquiries etc.) where ever you may be.

13. Printer

The best option for a printer will be an “all-in-one”. You won’t need a really expensive printer as it will mainly be used for printing off invoices and delivery notes.

The benefit of an all in one printer is that you can scan documents using it as well, useful for when you have to hand sign contracts for corporate orders.

14. Diary

A “page by day” diary is critical for making sure you know what orders / meetings you have each day. This will help you to prepare in plenty of time and also make sure you don’t over run yourself with too many orders!

15. Cupcake Cases / Wrappers

There are hundreds of different types of cupcake cases out there and some are much better than others. You will need to test which ones work best for you.

Ideally the best cases won’t peel and turn transparent.