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Dealing With Cupcake Photo Thieves


If you haven’t been a victim of cupcake photo thieves yet then you’re lucky! You would be surprised how much this happens. Photo stealing is a matter that’s discussed a lot online by cupcake business owners as it’s really annoying!

Yes you should be flattered that someone is passing off your cupcakes as their own however this is very immoral and it’s also misleading towards their customers.

If you should find yourself in the situation of discovering that another business is using your photographs here are some tips to get the problem sorted:

1. Get Proof

Before taking any action it’s very important to get proof that they’ve stolen your photographs.

Take a screenshot of their website with your photo on it. You can do this by pressing the (Cmd, Shift and 4) buttons together on a Mac and by hitting the “PrintScreen” button or (Alt and “Printscreen”) on a PC.

2. Contact the Business Owner / Webmaster

The next thing you should do is search their website / Facebook page etc. for some contact details. An email address would be ideal or if you really want to make a point try phoning them. They may have a contact form on their website that you could use too.

Don’t be rude to them, remember you’re running a professional business and even though someone has done something wrong to you, don’t let your high standards slip.

Remember to include the proof so that they can’t say that you’re lying!

3. Make Other Businesses Aware That They’ve Been Using Your Photos

You’ll usually find that if someone’s using your photos, they’re probably using someone elses too. You could let your Facebook and Twitter followers know by naming and shaming them, this should make them remove your photos really fast!

If you recognise another cupcake businesses photos on someone elses site portaying as them as their own, let the original owner of the photos know. You would appreciate it if someone did the same for you.

4. Watermark Your Photos

If you want to really make sure that no-one can get away with using your photos again, the simplest way is to just watermark them.

Home Cupcake Business Watermark Photo

By watermarking we mean putting a slightly transparent version of your logo on top of the photo, this way anyone that sees the photo will know it belongs to you.

Doing this can make the photo look a little strange, however it’s the best way, take a look at the example above of an effective watermark. This can be done using Adobe Photoshop you can also use this Online Watermark Tool.

If you would like some help watermarking your photos please get in touch.

If They Refuse to Take the Photos Down or Just Blatantly Ignore You?

This can get quite tricky. Use all of the contact methods available especially on social networks as it will be impossible to ignore you if they are a frequent user. Failing that inform them that you will take legal action for copyright infringement.

Keep an Eye on Them

If you’ve succeeded in making them remove your photos congratulations! Just keep a close eye on them incase they happen to do it again in the future.

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