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Developing a Memorable Home Cupcake Business Name

A memorable cupcake business name is going to really help you to stand out from the crowd.

Thinking of a new business name can be one of the most difficult parts when you’re starting a new cupcake business, put your thinking cap on and write down some ideas!

Tips for thinking of a business name:

Write a list of words associated with cupcakes eg. cute, sweet, pretty, yummy

Think of phrases that can be associated with cupcakes

Think about who will be buying your cupcakes, what kind of name would they find most attractive? A cute name may not be the best idea if you’re planning on targeting corporate customers

Don’t use a name that you know another business is using (even if it’s not cupcake related)

Check to see what names your local competitors are using and think of something unique, this will help to pull your website up higher in search engines when people search for your name in Google

Be relevant to the industry, some great example are “Sprinkles”, “Cotton & Crumbs” and “Fancie Cupcakes”

Don’t make your business name too long, keep it as short and memorable as possible

Be clever and creative making your business name interesting & enticing

If you’re really struggling to think of some names you could try one of the free online business name generators such as Panabee.

Using Your Own Name in Your Cupcake Business Name

You often see many start up cupcake businesses with a simple name usually incorporating the owners own name (see example above). There are occasions when this has worked extremely well, Peggy Porschen for example.

If you do decide to use your own name in the business name there are many routes that you could go down:

Use just your surname ie. Smith’s Cupcakes

Use just your forename ie. Amber’s Cupcakes

Use your whole name ie. Amber Smith’s Cupcakery

What To Do Next?

Once you have a list of names that you feel will represent you and your new business well, do some research and see if anyone else is using the same name. The chance that some of your name ideas are already being used is very high, don’t worry, this will help you narrow your options down to a few names that you can then choose from.

Check that a suitable web domain is available for your chosen name ( preferably for UK businesses), this will be vital to the success of your business online. If your desired domain is taken then you may have to rethink the business name again until you find one that is available.

Once you’ve finalised your business name and bought your domain you’ll need to start thinking about an outstanding logo!

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