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Don’t Be Distracted by House Chores and Stay Focussed on Your Cupcake Business


If you haven’t started running your cupcake business from home yet the title of this post may sound silly but it’s actually a serious issue.

Most people don’t have a specially dedicated room at home to run their business from, this can make it very easy to be distracted by usual household chores. It can take over your whole day if you let it!

If you have a “normal” 9 – 5 job you would be out of the house basically all day, you wouldn’t even have the opportunity to do the house work (it’s probably the last thing on your mind!)

Home Cupcake Business Distractions

Here Are Some Tips to Help You NOT Get Distracted:

If you do HAVE to do some house work, try to get it done before you start working or if you give yourself a lunch break, you could do some of it then (put the washing in, tidy up etc.)

Try to specify times when you can do house work so that it won’t interrupt your work.

It can be extremely difficult to stick to a routine as you could have orders throughout the whole day, if this is the case you probably won’t be worrying about the house work anyway!

The distraction normally kicks in when you have something to do such as replying to emails, updating the website, promoting your business online or you have decorations to cut out for a future order.

Stick to the routine and see these business aspects as being just as important as any other. This will help you to stay focussed, not procrastinate and get some work done!

House Work is Important for Your Business

Although it’s important not to spend too much time in your day focussing on house chores it’s essential to make sure that your house it clean and tidy.

You need to have the highest hygiene standards to be running your cupcake business from home.

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