If you’re thinking of starting a cupcake business there are certain things that you can do to benefit you during your first weeks.

Practice Your Skills

At first you might be a little worried about what others think about your cupcakes. Have confidence in yourself and what you’re doing, just remember that your skills will develop a lot while you’re running your business and the more experience you receive, the better you will become.

Even when you’re not busy try to spend time learning something new. Practice getting better at something that you specifically feel needs improving such as decorating, piping or developing new ideas to make additional money, giant cupcakes for example.

Look at what else you can offer that you currently aren’t and focus on getting it to a high enough standard that you can start making money from it.

As we mentioned previously, make sure that your unique selling points are developed to a very high standard, doing this will set you apart from the competition and you’ll soon be seen as a professional in your field gaining the confidence of more potential customers.

Legally Run a Cupcake Business From Home

Once you’re prepared to take the big step and start your new business you will need to inform the local council. They will then arrange for an inspector from the Food Standards Agency to visit your home to inspect your kitchen and work area (make sure it’s always clean and tidy).

You should also have:

A separate hand wash sink

A separate fridge

Adequate storage for ingredients and utensils

Washable work surfaces

A certificate will then be awarded to you based upon how well you did, this can range from 1-5 stars with 5 stars being the best. Be proud of your accomplishment and display it to remind yourself of how well you’re doing already!

You will also need to have completed a basic food hygiene course, more details about this can be found on our Food Hygiene at Home page.

Finally, for tax purposes you will need to have registered as Self Employed. Details about this can be found on our Self Employment and Tax page.


The cupcake industry had grown to an unbelievable size over the past few years and you will need to research what other businesses are doing to help them succeed.

Study your local competition, what can you offer that they can’t?

Keep up to date with the latest trends and products

Who is going to buy your cupcakes and what kind of person are they?