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How to Let Customers Collect Cupcakes From Your Home

Running your cupcake business from home is a very cheap way to get things off the ground and start making money, however, one problem you will soon run into is how to actually get the cupcakes to your customers.

If you haven’t got the funds for a delivery vehicle yet then your only options are to allow customers to collect the cupcakes from your house or deliver them in your own personal car (check with your insurance company to see if you are covered to transport goods).

Allowing customers to collect their cupcakes from your house can seem slightly unnerving at first as you will be greeting complete strangers on your doorstep, but after the first couple of times it will seem completely normal!

"after the first couple of times it will seem completely normal!"

How to make sure it goes smoothly

Home Cupcake Business Order Collection

Make sure that a time has been specified

There’s nothing worse than dancing around all afternoon not knowing if and when your customer is going to turn up. Save yourself some stress and arrange a definite time that they will be coming to collect their order.

Tell them your full address

Be sure that they know your full address and that it’s 100% correct, you want to make it as easy as possible for your customer to find you. Hopefully they will have a sat nav!

Give them your phone number

By making sure they’ve got your phone number, if your customer should get lost on their way to collect their cupcakes they’ll be able to give you a call so that you can then direct them to your house.

 Discuss the payment

If you’re expecting your customer to pay for the order when they collect the cupcakes, make sure that they know about it. If you aren’t accepting card payments yet you need to make sure that they know that too otherwise it could cause a lot of hassle when they find out on your doorstep.

Cash is the best way of payment for collection orders as a cheque will take about a week to clear which isn’t a risk you need to take. Make sure you have some change ready!

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