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How to Speak to Your Cupcake Customers on the Phone

How you interact with your cupcake customers is going to be a key factor in the success of your business.

Whether you’re running the business from home or from a shop, the way you speak to customers has to be high on your priority list of things to work on or develop.

Consider how you would like to be spoken to / treated if you were to order something over the phone. How would you like that conversation to go?

New to Taking Orders on the Phone?

If you’re new to having to speak to strangers and taking orders on the phone on a regular basis you may find it quite daunting and uncomfortable. This is quite understandable, however it’s something that you will have to overcome.

Even though you may get many orders via email, you will definitely have customers that will want to order via phone and this is something that you don’t want to miss out on by avoiding taking phone calls.

Try getting friends or family to call you and make a pretend order, this will help you to prepare for real incoming orders and feel more confident dealing with them. After the first couple of real orders you will feel much better and have no problem dealing with customers on the phone.

Home Cupcake Business Phone Customer Service

Tips For Speaking to Customers

The tone of voice that you use when speaking on the phone is very important.

Customers will respond much better to you if you use a friendly and polite phone manner, it puts them at ease and allows for an easy comfortable conversation to take place between you and them.

Show enthusiasm towards the customer and their order.

This is something that we found to be a brand defining, unique selling point and is something that you should take into account when taking orders, especially from new customers. It adds a very personal touch to your business and will make you stand out from other businesses. Once you’ve established a relationship with a regular customer this type of enthusiasm will come naturally when dealing with them and their orders.

Take an interest in the occasion that they are celebrating.

Yes you may be in business to sell cupcakes and make money but what you are also selling is happiness. People want to send cupcakes to other people to make them happy! Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or special surprise they all have the intent of making the recipient feel happy and excited.

When taking orders from customers they are also excited to be sending a gift to someone special, share that excitement with them and show an interest in the occassion. Not only does this help your customer to feel like they are getting a more personal service but it also helps you to understand what it exactly is that they want to order, which you can then cater for better.

One of the Many Benefits of Running a Small Business

The beauty about running a small business is that you can be more personal with your customers and take the time to listen to them, this is a very important aspect to get right because it will directly effect YOU and YOUR business.

Never under estimate how important it is to treat your customers right. If they’ve received a pleasurable service from you and remeber you for being friendly, efficient & approachable, they are likely to refer their friends and contact you again in the future with more orders.

How do you find talking to your customers? Did you find it daunting to begin with?

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