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Optional Extras To Make More Money From Your Cupcakes


Selling cupcakes is the main focus of your business, but there are optional extras that could be offered to customers to help increase your profit.

Often the customer who is sending the box of cupcakes isn’t going to see the recipient in person on their birthday. Consider offering other gifts to accompany the cupcakes as it’s likely they would like to send many celebratory gifts to make up for not being there to celebrate!

If you are able to offer extras, it will make your customers experience a lot easier too. They’ll be able to arrange everything for the occasion through you instead of having to send each thing seperatley.

Here are some tried and tested ideas that you could easily use to make additional money:

Gift tag

A very quick & simple optional extra that you can offer is a gift tag. A small gift tag can be attached to your cupcake gift-boxes with a short message from the customer to the recipient to let them know who has sent the cupcakes. offer the perfect service for this as they allow you to upload a number of images to their site and have each design printed in high quantities. This will give you a selection of colours / patterns ready to choose from. Perfect for having designs ready for all occasions and recipients!


A helium balloon is the perfect companion to a yummy box of cupcakes, it adds an instant sense of excitement for the recipient and also anyone else that sees it.

Helium balloons are relatively cheap and can be sold for a good profit to your customers.

If you find that balloons become really popular with your customers you could consider buying / renting a helium gas canister and blowing the balloons up yourself.

Gift Card

You could offer your own gift card designs which would make them much more unique both for the customer and the recipient.

Alternatively you could purchase some appropriately designed gift cards to offer to your customers. A gift card could easily be attached to the gift box ready for the recipient to receive it.


Everyone loves to blow out candles on their birthday why not offer them with your cupcakes?

If you offer candles you have to think about how you are going to go about doing it.

You can either simply deliver a new packet of candles to the recipient neatly wrapped along with the cupcakes or you could cut the lid off the cupcake box and push the candles into the top of the cupcakes.

The whole box could then be wrapped with cellophane and neatly tied with ribbon at the top (which you could also charge extra for) to give a very impressive look.

Be Subtle

Don’t push these optional extras onto your customers. Be sure to make it very clear on your website that there are extras available also mention including a gift tag when you receive an order by phone as it is highly likely that they would like to include one.

Before offering anything extra, work out how much you need to charge to comfortably make a profit, don’t sell them too cheap as you will be doing yourself out of money!

Make it very clear how much the extras will cost and then the customer won’t be wondering why the price is more than they expected when they receive the invoice.

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