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Making Sure Your House Gives Your Customers a Good First Impression


First impressions matter for all businesses and your cupcake business is no different, especially as it’s being ran from your own home.

It’s really important to make sure that everything is clean and tidy ready for when a customer comes to collect their cupcakes from your house.

The products that you’re selling are pretty gourmet treats, your place of business needs to represent this too. Of course with a house you can only do so much but you can make sure that it’s welcoming to your customers and doesn’t give off a bad impression when they arrive outside.

Home Cupcake Business First Impressions

Tips to Make a Good First Impression

Try not to have your rubbish bins at the front of your house, this isn’t something that’s going to look very nice to your new customer

 Decorate the outside of your house with some subtle accessories such as flowers in pots, hanging baskets, small potted trees and ornaments

Even though they’re only going to be stopping for a few minutes ask them if they would like to come in (especially if it’s cold!) They don’t have to say “yes” but at least you’ve offered which shows that you are friendly

Make sure that there’s nothing they could injure themselves on such as loose steps, screws sticking out, broken glass etc.

If you do have pets, make sure they aren’t around when your customer arrives

You don’t have to invite them in for a cup of tea or have a really long conversation, just treat them nicely and hand them over their cupcakes then wish them a good day as they leave (hopefully you’ll be seeing them again soon).


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