Review: Prestige Non-stick 12 Cup Cupcake Baking Tin

As we mention on our Cupcake Business Equipment page, non-stick cupcake baking tins are essential pieces of equipment for your home business.

Being non stick is very important.

There are plenty of other cupcake tins out there that aren’t non-stick, the main issue with those is that if mixture should spill over onto them, perhaps when you’re in a rush or just get a little too messy, the batter will stick.

Once the batter has stuck or burnt onto the tin it can take quite a lot of soaking & scrubbing to get it off, something you don’t want to waste your time doing.

This non-stick cupcake tin will make it a lot easier to remove any batter or grease from it either by giving it a quick wash with soapy water, or with this particular baking tin, you can put in the dishwasher saving you even more time!


  • Oven safe to 240°C / Gas Mark 9
  • Made from carbon steel for excellent heat conduction
  • Dimensions 41cm x 28cm x 4cm
  • Suitable for use in a dishwasher

Some cupcake baking tins have fairly shallow cups for putting your cases and mixture into, you won’t be able to achieve a nice deep cupcake sponge from using that type of tin. They will work great for smaller fairy cakes but not cupcakes.

It also has a unique design with handles at each end making it easier for you to grip onto for easy removal and insertion from the oven.

We’ve specifically chosen to review a 12 cup cupcake tin first as we feel it will be the most useful type of baking tin for your business in the beginning. You can also buy 6 cup cupcake tins which make great back up tins or for orders on quiet days however you would be best to spend your money on a bigger tin.

If you haven’t already stocked up on cupcake baking tins yet we recommend doing so, ready for when the orders start to come in hard and fast.

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