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Personalise Your Cupcake Business Emails with a Signature


Once you’ve set up your new professional cupcake business email address you should start thinking about adding an email signature to your emails.

An email signature is something that will appear at the bottom of every email that you send out.

It gives you the opportunity to advertise your website and contact details to anyone who receives an email from you, potentially bringing more customers to your website. An email signature also gives you the opportunity to put your brand identity onto your emails just like you would with a letter in the mail!

What Should Your Email Signature Include?

Don’t put too much information into your signature, keep it short and sweet with all of the most essential information that you want the recipient to see.

 Cupcake Business Logo – The most important item that you can include in your email signature is your business logo. Adding your logo to the email is the simplest way to brand your email and will immediately personalise it.

Your email signature should include all of your contact details such as:

  Your website address – It’s very important to include this on your email so that customers know how to find your business online, you can also add a hyperlink that you should link to your “home page”

 Business phone number – Essential for taking orders from customers that may prefer to speak on the phone rather than over emails. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a mobile phone number or have set up a land line number you should definitely include it

Twitter username – The email recipient may not be aware that you have a Twitter account and this is the perfect time to let them know so that you can connect with them Below is an example of the email signature that we use for Home Cupcake Business! We use Mail on the Mac as our email client. [ad#ad-line]For our email signature we’ve included our Twitter username, website address and logo. We’ve also kept the colours similar to the brand coloursthat are used throughout our website and logo. You may have also noticed that the email already says:

Best wishes,

Home Cupcake Business

This is something else that an email signature will allow you to do, you can even have a whole email written out as your signature ready for quick replies to enquiries!

There are other pieces of information that you could include but are not essential:

 Your home address – Totally optional, if you don’t have a problem with customers randomly turning up to your house then great but if you would rather not then no-one will be offended if you don’t include it

 Your position/title in the business eg. Owner / Chief Baker

 Your email address – There’s not really any reason to include this as the person will already have your email address either because you’ve sent them an email or they are sending you one

If you’ve set up an email signature we would love to see it! Send us an email to and we’ll put a screenshot of your signature on our website and link it back to your website!


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