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Home Cupcake Business Stockist Cafe

Start Selling Cupcakes to Local Cafes and Shops

A great way to make additional income from your cupcake business it to supply local cafes, shops and restaurants with cupcakes.

Promotion Opportunities in Shops

There are many benefits to supplying local shops with your cupcakes. Not only is it a great way to make regular income but it also gives you the opportunity to grow your brand, gain new customers and possibly advertise your business.

Home Cupcake Business Stockist Cafe

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Developing a Memorable Home Cupcake Business Name

A memorable cupcake business name is going to really help you to stand out from the crowd.

Thinking of a new business name can be one of the most difficult parts when you’re starting a new cupcake business, put your thinking cap on and write down some ideas!

Tips for thinking of a business name:

Write a list of words associated with cupcakes eg. cute, sweet, pretty, yummy

Think of phrases that can be associated with cupcakes

Think about who will be buying your cupcakes, what kind of name would they find most attractive? A cute name may not be the best idea if you’re planning on targeting corporate customers

Don’t use a name that you know another business is using (even if it’s not cupcake related)

Check to see what names your local competitors are using and think of something unique, this will help to pull your website up higher in search engines when people search for your name in Google

Be relevant to the industry, some great example are “Sprinkles”, “Cotton & Crumbs” and “Fancie Cupcakes”

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