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Basic SEO Techniques for Your Cupcake Website


We see small cupcake businesses talking about “what keywords” and “SEO” on a regular basis. It’s good to see that small business owners realise how important it is to have the right keywords and SEO in this digital age.

With more people shopping online than ever before and more people in general with access to the internet, this is where the money’s at!

You need to make sure that customers can find your website easily, so that they find your website before they find your competitors.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is extremely important for all websites not just cupcake businesses. If you’re making your own website then you should try and implement some of the basic SEO techniques.

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Personalise Your Cupcake Business Emails with a Signature


Once you’ve set up your new professional cupcake business email address you should start thinking about adding an email signature to your emails.

An email signature is something that will appear at the bottom of every email that you send out.

It gives you the opportunity to advertise your website and contact details to anyone who receives an email from you, potentially bringing more customers to your website. An email signature also gives you the opportunity to put your brand identity onto your emails just like you would with a letter in the mail!

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Setup a Professional Email Address for Your New Business


When you purchase a domain name or hosting account for your cupcake website, you will usually be allowed to have a certain amount of email addresses ending in your chosen domain name.

For example if you were to buy you will now be able to set up and use an email address such as You should use this new address to it’s full extent, use it to your advantage by placing it on your business cards and website.

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Buying the Right Domain Name for Your New Cupcake Business

Have you thought of a business name that you like? Are you ready to start using it on your business cards and website for everyone else to see? Are you ready to answer the phone by saying “Hello …. Cupcakes”? (Don’t worry if you haven’t yet).

Whether you think of your cupcake business name straight away or if it takes you a while to decide on one that you really like, you should secure your website domain dame asap. Someone else might take it before you!

The availability of domain names should be taken into consideration when you’re thinking of a business name because if the domain name has been taken then you will have to start thinking of a name all over again!

Domain Extensions – or .com?

First you need to decide if you would like your website address to end in or .com. If you’re running a business in the UK and will only be selling to customers in the UK, it will make more sense to buy a domain name ending in

New Website Domain Name Ideas

Here are some top tips for choosing your new business domain name:

  • As your cupcake business will be ran from home, the main point of call will be your website. You’ll want your domain name to be as close to your chosen business name as possible, if that isn’t available try adding “cupcakes” to the end of the name so that it’s still relevant to your business
  • Try to avoid using hyphens ( – ) in your domain name. This can make it difficult for your customers when they are typing your web address into their web browser eg., especially if they are trying to type it from memory
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