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Is it Easy for People to Order Cupcakes from You?


It may sound silly, but no matter how much promoting you do and how much traffic you get to your website, if you don’t have contact details easily available to your visitors, you’re not going to make any money!

The whole idea behind having a website for your cupcake business is to make sure people have an easy way to contact you (as well as show off what you have to offer).

Many businesses, not just cupcakes businesses make the mistake of not highlighting their contact details, making it difficult for potential customers to get in touch and make an order. This is something you can’t afford to do.

Tips for Making Your Contact Details Easy to Find

• Make sure people can contact you via both email and phone! If you don’t have an email address that you have readily available to your customers, it’s guaranteed you’re losing sales

• Put your email address and phone number on the home page. Consider having them on every page in the same place as people visiting your website may not necessarily land on the home page first. Having the contact details in the header, footer or sidebar of every page makes it a lot easier for your visitors.

Here’s a perfect example by Crumbs & Doilies

Crumbs & Doilies Contact

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How to Increase Cupcake Sales with Customer Reviews


“These were they tastiest cupcakes I’ve ever had, all of my family loved them at my daughter’s birthday party!” – Amber Turner

So you have a Facebook page, an Instagram profile, a Twitter account, a business website, business cards and everything’s going great! You’re promoting your business in all the right ways and there’s a steady stream of orders coming in.

How do you move things forward and get more business? Use your previous customers, that’s how.

If a customer was thoroughly pleased with the service that they received from you they’ll have absolutely no problem telling other people about it.

This is called Social Proof.

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