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Buy a Custom Business Uniform to Promote Your Cupcake Company


There’s no better way to get your business noticed than advertising it on your uniform / clothing.

If you’re running a cupcake delivery service from home then you’ll be out a lot of the time interacting with people and it’s not just your customers who will see you, lots of onlookers will too. If you don’t have your logo or company name visible to all of these people then you’re missing out on a huge, FREE advertising opportunity.

The only initial payment you’ll need to make is to actually buy the personalised clothing, which will then last for a couple of years!

It doesn’t have to be expensive and by using a company like Spreadshirt you don’t have to order huge quantities either, you can order as many as you like! As a new small business you might think that you won’t be able to get your logo onto clothing because it will be too expensive or you’ll have to order a big quantity, with Spreadshirt this isn’t the case and the quality of their products is very high.

We’ve used Spreadshirt for all kinds of things and having custom printed aprons has been one of them. They’ve worked so well at getting us noticed it’s amazing! The extra exposure your business gets once you start wearing your branded uniform is unbelievable.

You would’ve never been able to reach all of the people who have seen your uniform, even if you always carry a pile of business cards in your pocket! It can be worn on deliveries, at collections, fairs, promotional event, setting up events for customers, client meetings, decorating classes and virtually any other time you’re working (apart from formal occasions!)

Just watch how many people start to comment about your branded apron or t-shirt, they may even want to buy one for themselves!

Details You Should Include on Your Custom Clothing

Business Logo

Business Name

Website address

Email address and phone number however these two are optional

All of the other professional businesses have branded clothing, you should too.

If you’re not running a delivery service and people have to come to your house to collect their cupcakes, promoting your home business can be quite tricky.

An ideal way to make people remember you and give them an instant professional first impression would be if you wore an apron or t-shirt with your business logo and website address on. This will look a lot more professional than answering the door in your normal everyday clothes and will make your customer feel as though they are dealing with a business professional.

If you have someone else who does the deliveries for you, perhaps on a part time basis, you could ask them to wear a uniform with your logo on too!


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