Why Your Customers are THE Best Promotional Tool

These were they tastiest cupcakes I’ve ever had, all of my family loved them at my daughter’s birthday party! Amber Turner

So you have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a business website and everything’s going great! You’re promoting your business in all the right ways and there’s a steady stream of orders coming in.

How do you move things forward and get more business? Use your previous customers, that’s how.

If a customer was thoroughly pleased with the service that they received from you they’ll have absolutely no problem telling other people about it. This is called Social Proof.


Create a Testimonials Section on Your Website

A testimonials section may sound a bit cheesy but it does work … actually, it works really well.

The feedback that you receive from your customers is priceless for both you and your potential customers. It lets everyone know what you’re doing very right and what things you could improve on.

Here’s an Example

If someone lands on your website from searching for “best cupcakes in Birmingham” with the intent to order some cupcakes, but your website doesn’t have testimonials from previous customers. Then they go back to Google and find another cupcake businesses website that does have testimonials, they’ll be much more inclined to buy from the one that has already built up a good reputation and has pleased its customers.

How Testimonials Can Help

This one simple technique could drastically effect your business. Even if your customers are always happy with the service you provide, let your new / potential customers know how good the service was and how pleased they were! It can only work in your favour to show how happy people were with your cupcake business.

For a home based cupcake business a testimonials page could really boost peoples trust in you and make you seem a lot more professional (which you are already, but enforcing that fact can be very important). Also if you’re a new business you need as much proof as possible to show just how good you really are.

Think of how reviews for movies, companies (Yelp) and books can effect how potential customers react. The same applies for your testimonials, that’s how important they are!

Remember, don’t make up fake testimonials.

Have you gathered testimonials from your customers yet? How have you used them?

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