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10 Twitter Tips to Help Promote Your Home Cupcake Business


Having a Twitter account is one of the easiest ways to raise awareness of your new cupcake business and also start engaging with potential customers.

It only takes a couple of minutes to set up an account and then you can start interacting with people from all around the world!

Home Cupcake Business Twitter Tips

Top Tips for Using Twitter

1. Always Act Professional

The Twitter account for your new business will be specifically for promoting your business and interacting with people who are interested in it. Don’t use it to vent your anger over something or start an online argument.

2. Personalise Your Profile Page

To help with brand consistency you can customise your profile page. You’re quite limited as to what you can do to customise your Twitter profile page so you have to make the most out of the options available. You can change your profile image, use your business logo, a photo of you or your cupcakes.

Ideally you need the size of your photo to be a square the dimensions that we use for ours are 250px x 250px which works perfectly.

Change the font and link colours to match the brand colours used on your website and business stationery. You also have the option to add a background image, if your website has a background image then you should try and use this same image on your Twitter profile, if not then simply use the background colour that is used on your website.

3. Always Reply To People Who Tweet You

It’s very easy to ignore people that say something to you on Twitter but it’s something that you need to try your best to avoid.

Twitter is all about interacting with people and creating relationships, in this case professional relationships. Even if someone asks you a tricky question about your business (not very likely) take a minute to think about your reply and respond with a professional mature answer.

4. Use Hashtags #

Hashtags are something that you’ll see used a lot of on Twitter. They help a lot when someone uses the search function and searches for the word that you have placed a hashtag next to.

For example if you were to type #cupcakes a list would appear with everyone that has included #cupcakes in their tweet. More information about hashtags can be found here.

5. Encourage Your Customers to Follow You on Twitter

The more followers on Twitter you have, the better, especially if they are interested in buying your cupcakes. Encouraging customers who have already bought cupcakes from you to follow you on Twitter is a very good idea.

This opens up lots of opportunities such as being mentioned in a Tweet from them about how nice your cupcakes were or how good the service was, they might even include a photo of the cupcakes they received which is even better!

Return the favour by following them back!

6. Ask Questions

Having a live Twitter feed gives you the opportunity to find out more about your followers and potential customers, this gives you an excellent opportunity to find out more about them.

7. Re-tweet Relevant Information That You Think Your Followers May be Interested in

Often the people that you follow are also people that your followers would be interested in too. When they Tweet something that you think your followers should know about or would find interesting re-tweet it and let them know. This gives your Twitter feed more diversity too.

8. Tweet Photos

A great way to interact with your followers is to upload photos of the cupcakes you’re making or have already made for customers. It gives potential customers who follow you a good idea of what kind of service they can expect if they decide to place an order with you.

9. Post Your Latest News

If you’re running a blog/website about your business, make sure to Tweet about each new post and be sure to include a link back to the page/post so that your followers can visit it.

Got something exciting to tell everyone about your cupcake business? Keep your followers up to date with all of the latest exciting news too.

10. Raise Awareness of Your Business in Your Local Area by Following Others Near to You

It’s all well and good speaking to people on Twitter but not if they are never going to be interested in buying anything from you.

Following people in your local area or in the area that you are willing to deliver to will help much more when building a targeted audience. These people or businesses might be interested in buying your cupcakes and are also in the area that you are covering. Use the Twitter search box to find people in your area or try the specially designed Twitter search website Listorious.


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