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Home Cupcake Business Distractions

Don’t Be Distracted by House Chores and Stay Focussed on Your Cupcake Business


If you haven’t started running your cupcake business from home yet the title of this post may sound silly but it’s actually a serious issue.

Most people don’t have a specially dedicated room at home to run their business from, this can make it very easy to be distracted by usual household chores. It can take over your whole day if you let it!

If you have a “normal” 9 – 5 job you would be out of the house basically all day, you wouldn’t even have the opportunity to do the house work (it’s probably the last thing on your mind!)

Home Cupcake Business Distractions

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Home Cupcake Business Watermark Photo

Dealing With Cupcake Photo Thieves


If you haven’t been a victim of cupcake photo thieves yet then you’re lucky! You would be surprised how much this happens. Photo stealing is a matter that’s discussed a lot online by cupcake business owners as it’s really annoying!

Yes you should be flattered that someone is passing off your cupcakes as their own however this is very immoral and it’s also misleading towards their customers.

If you should find yourself in the situation of discovering that another business is using your photographs here are some tips to get the problem sorted:

1. Get Proof

Before taking any action it’s very important to get proof that they’ve stolen your photographs.

Take a screenshot of their website with your photo on it. You can do this by pressing the (Cmd, Shift and 4) buttons together on a Mac and by hitting the “PrintScreen” button or (Alt and “Printscreen”) on a PC.

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Stationery Needed for Running a Home Cupcake Business


As with all businesses, your cupcake business will need a whole range of stationery ready for use.

One of the most important things to remember about your business stationery is to make it all match by using your branding. Having a professional looking stationery set shows that you’re a serious business and want to impress your customers.

In the digital age not every piece of stationery needs to be printed anymore, some documents such as letters and invoices can be saved a .PDF files. These can then be sent to your customers via email and are easily opened using the free Adobe Reader program.

Here we’ll run down the stationery items that you’ll need:

Essential Cupcake Stationery

• Business Cards

Include: Business logo / name, phone number, email address and website address

Take a look at our article here for lots of valuable information about business cards.

• Letterhead

You may not have to send out many letters but it’s best to have a letterhead saved on your computer and ready to use just in case.

Include: Address, business logo / name, phone number, email address and website address

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Home Cupcake Business - Christmas Cupcakes

Preparing Your Cupcake Business for the Christmas Rush


Cupcakes at Christmas have become the norm and it’s the one celebration throughout the year where you’re going to see an increase in orders over a short period of time.

Provided you’ve advertised and promoted your christmas cupcake range, you’re likely to be fully booked over the festive period. You may even have to start rejecting orders because you’re so busy!

Promote Your Christmas Cupcakes

Don’t take it for granted that your customers will know that you’re offering anything special at Christmas.Make sure you let them know what you’re offering, whether it’s new flavours specially chosen for the festive period or perhaps you’re offering festive decorated cupcakes. You need to let your customers know.

Many businesses overlook this or might put it off due to not having enough time. Don’t let anything get in the way of promoting your Christmas cupcakes and make time to advertise them. It will be worth it.

Use social networks like Facebook and Twitter to promote your christmas cupcakes. Even if you don’t have a huge following on social networks yet be sure to use it to it’s full potential, it’s free after all! You can use your website too, just add a festive photo and some descriptive text to the home page.

If you have time, make up a box of Christmas cupcakes and take a photo of them to show your customers what you’ll be offering, this will be much more effective that just writing about it.

Home Cupcake Business - Christmas Cupcakes

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