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Basic SEO Techniques for Your Cupcake Website


We see small cupcake businesses talking about “what keywords” and “SEO” on a regular basis. It’s good to see that small business owners realise how important it is to have the right keywords and SEO in this digital age.

With more people shopping online than ever before and more people in general with access to the internet, this is where the money’s at!

You need to make sure that customers can find your website easily, so that they find your website before they find your competitors.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is extremely important for all websites not just cupcake businesses. If you’re making your own website then you should try and implement some of the basic SEO techniques.

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Cotton And Crumbs Contact

Is it Easy for People to Order Cupcakes from You?


It may sound silly, but no matter how much promoting you do and how much traffic you get to your website, if you don’t have contact details easily available to your visitors, you’re not going to make any money!

The whole idea behind having a website for your cupcake business is to make sure people have an easy way to contact you (as well as show off what you have to offer).

Many businesses, not just cupcakes businesses make the mistake of not highlighting their contact details, making it difficult for potential customers to get in touch and make an order. This is something you can’t afford to do.

Tips for Making Your Contact Details Easy to Find

• Make sure people can contact you via both email and phone! If you don’t have an email address that you have readily available to your customers, it’s guaranteed you’re losing sales

• Put your email address and phone number on the home page. Consider having them on every page in the same place as people visiting your website may not necessarily land on the home page first. Having the contact details in the header, footer or sidebar of every page makes it a lot easier for your visitors.

Here’s a perfect example by Crumbs & Doilies

Crumbs & Doilies Contact

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Cupcake Voucher Design

Offering Christmas Cupcake Vouchers for your Cupcake Business


You may be fully booked this Christmas but there’s still another way that you can optimise your profits over the festive period. Offer Cupcake Vouchers!

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to buy certain people presents for Christmas (you know who they are), what better way to surprise them than with a voucher for a yummy box of cupcakes, delivery included!

Vouchers are a very easy way to fill your diary up with orders, they also guarantee a regular income once purchased.

The voucher idea doesn’t need to stop with just one gift box though, why not offer a “Cupcake Club” service where your customer can pre pay for 6 – 12 months of cupcakes for someone. Freshly hand delivered cupcakes to their door once per month.

Your customers could choose to have a mixture of flavours or simply have the same delicious flavours each month, remember to decorate them accordingly (male / female).

Christmas Cupcakes

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Home Cupcake Business Watermark Photo

Dealing With Cupcake Photo Thieves


If you haven’t been a victim of cupcake photo thieves yet then you’re lucky! You would be surprised how much this happens. Photo stealing is a matter that’s discussed a lot online by cupcake business owners as it’s really annoying!

Yes you should be flattered that someone is passing off your cupcakes as their own however this is very immoral and it’s also misleading towards their customers.

If you should find yourself in the situation of discovering that another business is using your photographs here are some tips to get the problem sorted:

1. Get Proof

Before taking any action it’s very important to get proof that they’ve stolen your photographs.

Take a screenshot of their website with your photo on it. You can do this by pressing the (Cmd, Shift and 4) buttons together on a Mac and by hitting the “PrintScreen” button or (Alt and “Printscreen”) on a PC.

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