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Choosing the Best Cupcake Boxes for Your Business

When you’re sending pretty little cupcakes out to your customers, they aren’t the only things that have to be extra special, the box that they’re in needs to be too.

There are various cupcake box designs available ranging from pink polka dot to custom printed boxes.

However most established cupcake businesses tend to opt for simple plain white boxes and then accessorize them in their own style. We would advise this approach before opting for some expensive custom printed boxes.

Things to Look Out For

There are many sites online selling cupcake boxes however we’d advise not to buy the first cheapest ones that you find, especially if you haven’t been able to test them beforehand.

The presentation of your cupcake boxes needs to be perfect, with cupcake boxes you get what you pay for and cheap boxes can often have many defects which your customers definitely do not want to see such as:

 Glue on the box where it shouldn’t be

Misty window in the box lid

Tabs that haven’t been glued properly

Cuts on the boxes

Dents in the boxes

Keeping Your Cupcakes Safe

The strength and build quality of cupcake boxes can vary massively depending on where you buy them from. Shop around and test them to find which ones are the strongest and work the best for you.

Your cupcake boxes need to be strong and sturdy otherwise you will have all kinds of problems such as:

The insert doesn’t stay up allowing the cupcakes to move around in the box

Base of the box isn’t strong making the entire box flimsy and unstable

Sides of the box are weak making the lid touch the top of the cupcakes

With a Window or Without?

Cupcake boxes that hold 4, 6 or 12 cupcakes come in 2 different styles, with a window in the top of the lid and without.

Here we’ll break down the pros and cons of each:

Cupcake Box with window


Cupcakes are visible at first glance

Box doesn’t need to be opened to see the cupcakes


Slightly thinner card is used and may be flimsy

Cupcake without window


Usually made from corrugated card making the box very strong


Doesn’t show the cupcakes off

Lid needs to be opened to view the cupcakes

Try both types of box and see which you prefer, you could even offer both types and give your customers the choice.

Which type of cupcake box do you use and prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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