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The first thing you will need to do is make sure that your cupcakes taste delicious.

To stand out from the competition you need your cupcakes to taste better than all of theirs, it won’t matter how many decorations and sprinkles you put on top, if your cupcakes taste bad things aren’t going to go well.

Aim for the best but also keep in mind that you’re trying to make money, test lots of ingredients of different price ranges and see what you discover.

High quality ingredients will come with a high price tag, you will need to take this into account when producing your cupcake range and looking into how much you would need to charge to make a good profit.

Free Range Eggs

You can choose to use free range eggs if you wish, if you are going to go down the organic route then this will be key to your marketing and ethics. If you do choose to use free range eggs make sure to mention “Made with Free Range Eggs”¬†on your website, potential customers may be swayed because of your caring approach and the quality of ingredients being used.

The main difficulty with using free range eggs is getting your prices set so that you can still make a good profit on your cupcakes. Free range eggs cost significantly more than caged hen eggs, this is something that you will have to factor into your business when developing your recipes and cupcake menu.

Organic Cocoa Powder

Again this is a similar issue as the free range eggs. Organic products in this day and age are much the preferred ingredients for any recipe, but they come at a substantial increase in cost.

If you are able to factor this into your recipe then we would definitely recommend using organic cocoa powder as it will make a huge difference to the taste of your cupcakes. By using organic cocoa powder you may also find that less of it is needed for some recipes as the quality is much higher.

Your customers will definitely be able to taste the difference from just an ordinary cake bought from a shop.

Vanilla Extract vs. Vanilla Essence?

Out of all the ingredients you’ll use, this is where you will find the biggest difference in price.

Vanilla Essence is the cheaper of the two however it’s very watery and has quite a strong alcohol scent to it. Many companies use this as it is the cheaper, more profitable option but the taste of the cupcakes suffer significantly.

Vanilla Extract on the other hand is quite thick and some will have vanilla seeds mixed in too. The taste is very natural and luxurious, far superior to the vanilla essence. It will still contain a small amount of alcohol but not as much as the essence. The scent is of the vanilla extract is of delicious sweet vanilla.

Once again if you can work this into your recipe and still make a good profit, the vanilla extract is highly recommended as it will make a huge difference to the taste and quality of your cupcakes.