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The most important aspect of being able to sell your cupcakes is making sure that customers know what to expect.

You could have the best website in the world with the best content and wording but if you haven’t got good quality photos then you’re going to find it hard to sell anything.

Many cake related home / online businesses don’t realise the importance of this, think about it, if you were working out of a shop would you have poor looking cupcakes in the shop window?

Your website is your shop window, so the photos need to be as good as possible.

High Quality Photos

Lots of websites think they can get away with taking a quick photo on a poor quality camera. This works very well for sharing photos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook but not for your business website.

Take some time to learn the basics of photography and possibly buy a tutorial book or two. You will always need to take photos of your cupcakes if you want people to see what you’re capable of, it’s not economical to call a professional photographer every time you need a photo!

Once you have some high quality photos of your own then you can start making galleries on your website, uploading them to Facebook, sharing them on Twitter, Pinning them on Pinterest and many many other advertising possibilities.

Taking your own high quality photos will also mean that you don’t have to waste time and money buying stock images (of cupcakes that aren’t yours) and using those.

Don’t Use a Camera Phone

The picture quality of most camera phones is no where near good enough to be trying to sell your products. There are some on the market that do have extremely good cameras, however the majority do not.

Invest in a Digital SLR Camera

DSLR cameras can come at quite a price, and just learning the basics is quite a steep learning curve.

However you will find that if you persevere and learn how to use it, it will almost certainly pay for itself once the orders start coming in due to the quality of the photos that you take with it. You will also be able to take it with you when you set up at events such as weddings and birthdays, occasions when you would normally have to contact the photography company for any photos.

It may open up other income avenues for you too.

There are many photography courses available which will help you learn how to use a Digital SLR for your cupcake photography.

If you already have experience as a photographer you should certainly put it to good use to promote your cupcakes.

Set up a Stage

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a professional set up to take your photos on. Even the most basic of set ups will look more professional and appealing than having nothing at all, also once you find a style of photograph that you like, stick with it, it will give you continuity across your website and make it a much more enjoyable experience for you web site visitor.

Try placing your cupcakes on top of wrapping paper or elegant wallpaper, you could even set up a scene of a tea party to photograph.

Has Anyone Eaten Your Cupcakes?

Take photos of people eating your delicious cupcakes! Show your potential customers that they’re not the first to try your cupcakes, it will make them feel more confident about ordering from you knowing that other people have had them before.

Don’t Steal Other Peoples Photos

So many people use other businesses photos on their own site or even on Facebook saying that they are their own. This is not only unethical but also means you are deceiving your customers by showing them a product that they aren’t going to receive.

Be honest, if they don’t receive what they were expecting they are not going to come back for more orders and spend more money (which is why you are running a business in the first place).