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Featured Business: Jeni’s Cupcakes


Today’s featured cupcake business is Jeni’s Cupcakes, who are based in Cockerham, Lancaster!

I started Jeni’s Cupcakes in May 2012 as a way of moving indoors instead of working with horses!!  I absolutely LOVE baking them and have also branched out into the bespoke giant cupcakes.  These started as a gift for a friend and I have done another thirteen since!  I have also done a tractor, mater car etc too.

I have been doing school fairs, open days and Christmas fairs with my cupcakes up until now but love it so much I just want to bake and bake……

I don’t want my own shop I just want to work from home making people happy with my lovely cakes. This way I can bake when the weather is awful and ride my horses when it’s nice.

I have a 5 star rating from the council and appropriate insurance.

Jenis Cupcakes 2


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Jeni’s Cupcakes
Rectory Lodge
Rectory Gardens

Jenis Cupcakes

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