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How to Make Your Cupcake Business Card Stand Out


Everyone has a business card these days so how are you going to make yours stand out from the rest?

We covered the basics about the importance of business cards on our Promote Yourself page.

The real benefit of having a business card handy is that if someone shows an interest in your business, instead of having to find a pen and paper to write the details down (and probably lose it after) you can simply hand them one of your business cards which will be much more effective.

Designing Your Cupcake Business Card

• Use Both Sides of the Business Card

Sometimes an overlooked design feature especially if you buy business cards from a cheap supplier. Always opt for a 2 sided design, this gives you plenty of room to include all of the most important information and possibly even include a photo too!

• Use Your Brand Colours to Make it Stand Out and be Easily Recognisable

Your branding and brand colours are what will really give your business a personality and business cards are one of the best formats to portray this. The person receiving your business card may not have had any interaction with you before, but your colours and branding will instantly make an impression on them.

You want it to be instantly recognisable, if a customer has one of your business cards and they need to find it in a hurry they’ll be much more likely to recognise it if you’ve used your branding to it’s full potential.

• Put Your Cupcake Business Logo on it

• Don’t Make the Design Too Cluttered

Only include all of the necessary information, don’t fill it with useless information or too much information. You don’t need to include every detail about your business, the card recipient can find all of that out after wards by either contacting you or going to your website.

Include all of the most important information that you want your customer / potential customer to have, including:

Your name / business name

 Phone number

Email address

 Website address

• Make Sure That the Font is Easily Legible

The size of the text on your business card is very important to get right. Don’t make it too small in order to make sure everyone can read it.

• Use the Best Quality Card

A flimsy business card dosen’t give off a good impression and is also likely to get crumpled or bent easily. Your business card needs to be fairly thick and sturdy, ready to stand the test of being in someone’s trouser pocket or handbag. We recommend the cards from as their card quality is far superior to most other suppliers and the service & turnaround time are excellent too. also have very good deals available from time to time and it’s best to take advantage of these when they come around, the quality of their cards is also very impressive and their service is second to none (very good for bulk orders).

• Glossy, Matte or Spot Varnish?

There are many options available when it comes to getting your business cards printed. You may not really know which type of finish will be best for you until you actually see it so it may take some trial and error to get right.

A glossy or matte finish will be perfect for your cupcake business, the finish is really just down to your personal preference.

The prices will differ depending on the type of finish you opt for, with a spot varnish being the more expensive option, this option will also be more complicated to initially set up, however the final outcome can be very impressive.

• Don’t Print Your Own Cards

It may be cheaper to print your own business cards at home, however this should only be done as an absolute last resort if you’ve ran out of cards. Unless you happen to have a very high quality printer and high quality card to print on you should leave this it to the experts.

Even if you have a designer designing the business cards for you, still check all of the points listed above. Better to be safe than sorry and not waste money on business cards that aren’t right!

Don’t Forget To Keep Your Cards Safe in a Business Card Holder

There are lots of companies selling business card holders however if you decide buy your business cards from you would be best advised to buy one of the holders that they have available. This ensures that the business cards will definitely fit in the holder correctly.


We’re happy to recommend products as we know from first hand experience that their cards and holders are very hard wearing and make a great impact when customers see how professional looking they are!


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