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Offering Christmas Cupcake Vouchers for your Cupcake Business


You may be fully booked this Christmas but there’s still another way that you can optimise your profits over the festive period. Offer Cupcake Vouchers!

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to buy certain people presents for Christmas (you know who they are), what better way to surprise them than with a voucher for a yummy box of cupcakes, delivery included!

Vouchers are a very easy way to fill your diary up with orders, they also guarantee a regular income once purchased.

The voucher idea doesn’t need to stop with just one gift box though, why not offer a “Cupcake Club” service where your customer can pre pay for 6 – 12 months of cupcakes for someone. Freshly hand delivered cupcakes to their door once per month.

Your customers could choose to have a mixture of flavours or simply have the same delicious flavours each month, remember to decorate them accordingly (male / female).

Christmas Cupcakes

The Cupcake Club

Something like this isn’t difficult to set up and organise, don’t put it off any longer. If you think that this is something your customers would be interested in, offer it and see what reaction you have. If you only get a few customers from it, that’s great!

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Place an advert / page on your website letting visitors know about the opportunity to purchase a special christmas cupcake gift voucher for someone

2. Put a Contact Form where they can enter all of the details on it, this may require it’s own new page on the website

3. Once you receive their email, work out the delivery price and then the overall price including cupcakes + delivery for the specified time (6 or 12 months)

4. If they are happy with the quote then you’re good to go! Get it written down in your diary, preferably on the same day every month.

However if you happen to be quiet on that specific day one month, consider delivering them on a day when you have plenty of orders so that you don’t have to make a batch of cupcakes specially for that one order.

5. Get an invoice sent over detailing all of the specifications – flavours, recipient, delivery address, price, length of cupcake club “subscription”.

6. Ideally they will want to give a physical voucher to the lucky recipient. This is something that will only be possible if the order has been made well in advance of Christmas day due to the mail service being crazy busy over Christmas. Make sure your customers know this!

7.¬†Make sure you’ve received the full amount of money before you send the voucher.

Here’s what your voucher could look like:

Cupcake Voucher Design

You could either print the voucher at home on high quality card/paper or if you’re finding that lots of people are interested in the vouchers, consider getting them professionally printed at somewhere such as sometimes have great offers and we can personally recommend them as we’ve used them numerous times.

If your customer has left it too late to receive a voucher in the post, send it over to them via email in PDF or jpeg format so that they can print it out and give it as a present. This will be better than not having anything to give at all.

Vouchers All Year Round

Offering cupcake vouchers doesn’t need to stop after Christmas, carry it on throughout the year as they will also make great birthday presents!

You will just need to make sure that you have a slightly different designed voucher that says “Happy Birthday” instead of “Merry Christmas”.


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