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Preparing Your Cupcake Business for the Christmas Rush


Cupcakes at Christmas have become the norm and it’s the one celebration throughout the year where you’re going to see an increase in orders over a short period of time.

Provided you’ve advertised and promoted your christmas cupcake range, you’re likely to be fully booked over the festive period. You may even have to start rejecting orders because you’re so busy!

Promote Your Christmas Cupcakes

Don’t take it for granted that your customers will know that you’re offering anything special at Christmas.Make sure you let them know what you’re offering, whether it’s new flavours specially chosen for the festive period or perhaps you’re offering festive decorated cupcakes. You need to let your customers know.

Many businesses overlook this or might put it off due to not having enough time. Don’t let anything get in the way of promoting your Christmas cupcakes and make time to advertise them. It will be worth it.

Use social networks like Facebook and Twitter to promote your christmas cupcakes. Even if you don’t have a huge following on social networks yet be sure to use it to it’s full potential, it’s free after all! You can use your website too, just add a festive photo and some descriptive text to the home page.

If you have time, make up a box of Christmas cupcakes and take a photo of them to show your customers what you’ll be offering, this will be much more effective that just writing about it.

Home Cupcake Business - Christmas Cupcakes

Offer Something Unique

Christmas is a special occasion and your customers will love it if you’re making the effort to offer something extra special. Consider developing some new flavours and decorations that are festive themed.

Give Yourself Time

Ideally you want to have all of your Christmas cupcake orders placed and paid for well before the lead up to Christmas. This will make it a lot less stressful for you and give you time to prepare for the upcoming orders.

If you get to the point when you don’t think you’re able to take any more orders or already pushing the boundaries of what you know is manageable, inform your customers. You can do this easily through your website, Facebook or Twitter so that they know and will still have time to arrange something else.

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