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Setup a Professional Email Address for Your New Business


When you purchase a domain name or hosting account for your cupcake website, you will usually be allowed to have a certain amount of email addresses ending in your chosen domain name.

For example if you were to buy you will now be able to set up and use an email address such as You should use this new address to it’s full extent, use it to your advantage by placing it on your business cards and website.

Having an email address that carries your business / website name is a lot more professional than having a free or address

 Not only will your customers take you more seriously and feel as though they are dealing with a business but so will your suppliers

It will also help you to organize all of your business emails into one place. Not having all of your personal emails and business emails mixed up together in one inbox is a very good idea

If you have trouble setting up your new email account, have a look on the website that you bought your web domain / hosting from and there should be an FAQ on there explaining exactly how to do it. If you can’t find an FAQ (unlikely) get in touch and ask them how to set it up

Multiple Email Addresses

As you progress with your cupcake business you will need to think about expanding into other areas such as wedding cakes. When this happens you should set up a new email account called something similar to, this will then be used specifically for all wedding cupcake enquiries keeping your inboxes tidy and managable.


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