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Making sure people know about your new business is one of the most important things to do once you feel you’re ready to start selling!

People will want to find your product just as much as you want them to find it! You have to think about this when you’re promoting yourself and make sure to obtain as much exposure as possible.

Some advertising methods will work better than others, in our experience having a strong web presence and spending time working on that is much more effective than handing out hundreds of leaflets.

Experiment and see which methods work best for you.

There are countless ways both online and offline to get the word out, here are some of the most successful:

1. Business Cards

Business cards will play a vital role in the process of developing your cupcake business. There will almost always be an opportunity for you to hand them out and gain a potential customer.

Keep the design nice & simple and make sure it has all of the most important details on such as:

Your name / logo / business name

Phone number, email address

Website address (if you have one)

The quality of your business card may also have an impact, remember you can only make a first impression once!

There are plenty of companies out there offering cheap cards, but you would be best to opt for a higher quality card such as the ones that supply.

Some great opportunities to use your business cards include:

Attaching one to each giftbox that you sell (possibility of more customers)

Leave them at events such as birthdays and weddings after you’ve set up

Display them on your stall at events and fairs

If you’re on a tight budget try the business cards from Vista Print.

For more help about your business cards read our article here (The Importance of a Home Cupcake Business Card and How to Make Yours Stand Out).

2. Website

Running a business from home is all good but how are people going to find you? A well designed, friendly website with good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is how.

A professionally designed website can cost a considerable amount of money but if you find the right designer at the right price it will be well worth it!

You can attempt to make one for yourself, but you should be in the kitchen perfecting recipes and taking orders rather than trying to learn how to design and code a website. Unless you’re a web designer you should certainly use your time wisely and source a competent and skilled professional.

It’s possible to get an online presence in an afternoon through setting up a blog. A blog can be an excellent place to engage with your audience allowing you to keep them updated with all of the most recent news about your business and receive feedback about it. You may also gain the attention of others in the industry and build professional relationships with them.

Even if you have a website we would recommend having a blog attached to it as it can bring in a lot of search engine traffic, it also gives you a place to keep potential customers interested in your business.

If you need a website for your new cupcake business get in touch with us!

3. Facebook Fan Page

Engaging with people in your local area is key to succeeding with a new cupcake business and a Facebook fan page is one of the most efficient ways to do it.

Keep your customer and fans up to date with all of the business activities

Let your fans know about your latest flavours and offers

Upload photos of your latest orders showing what you can offer

Receive orders and questions through Facebook messages

Place a link to your Facebook fan page from your website, this will enable website visitors to easily find you on Facebook.

4. Twitter

Similar to a Facebook fan page in the way you can engage with your potential customers, but Twitter allows you to go to a more personal level letting you have a conversation over the internet with someone.

Engage with your followers

Allows people in the local area to find and follow you

Quickly and effectively let all of your followers know about your latest news with a simple Tweet (great for running competitions or special promotions)

Encourage people to re-tweet your most important tweets for even more exposure

See our 10 Twitter Tips to Help Promote Your Home Cupcake Business for more information.

5. Google Maps

Your customers want to know where you are! Putting your location and contact details on Google Maps is often overlooked by small business owners but having the details on there is extremely helpful to your customers.

Understandably you may not want your home address available to everyone. Think about this, if a person who lives in your local area wants some cupcakes for a birthday party, they might see you on Google Maps and get in touch with you instead of contacting someone else!

We found Google Maps to be an extremely good free way of advertising and combined with SEO it also helped get us get to number 1 in Google!

6. Stickers

Adding a sticker to your box of cupcakes is a very simple and easy way to quickly promote your business. It only takes a second to peel the sticker off and stick it on the box to seal it, then everyone who sees the box of yummy cakes is going to know exactly where they came from, and if you put your email / phone number on, they’ll know how to get in touch with you too!

One of the fastest ways of getting more orders is through recomendations and word of mouth, so this is a great way to get customers talking about your company.

7. Signage

In the initial stages signage may not be the first thing on your mind but making sure you’re covering all aspects of business promotion is really important.

Just think how many people are likely to see your car / van when you’re out delivering cupcakes. If you use the same vehicle for other journeys too, the amount of people that will be seeing you will multiply a lot!

Now imagine that your business logo is on the side, in the window or on the back of your vehicle with your contact details on. Think of the amount of people that will suddenly be interested in your business that never even knew it existed!