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How to Start Selling Cupcakes at Fairs, Markets, Fetes and Events


You may be running your cupcake business from home but this isn’t where the possibilities for making money end.

Exhibitions, farmers markets, fairs and fetes are excellent places to sell your little cupcakes, meet your customers and promote your business to the local community. If you’re interested in attending an event you should enquire about it asap and pay your deposit for the stall.

A few years ago cupcakes weren’t as popular as they are now, but now there are so many people running their own business and the competition is very high so you have to make sure you’re the one who gets the opportunity first!

Check your local newspaper regularly to see if there are any events taking place that you would be interested in, also a quick search online for upcoming events in your local area should reveal a whole host of events taking place. If not, consider looking slightly further afield.

Events like this are a great way to make extra income especially when business is quiet. The price for having a stall at an event shouldn’t be too expensive, if it is, make sure you can cover the costs and still make enough profit for it to be worth your time.

Things to Remember

• Clearly Display Your Prices

Even if you forget to bring everything else (other than your cupcakes of course) the price is the most important thing to display on your stall.

The easiest way to do this is by buying yourself a small blackboard and then write something along the lines of “Cupcakes £1.70 each” that can sit on your stall next to your cupcakes.

It will make both your life and your customers’ much easier if they can see the price of your cupcakes without having to ask. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t engage with your customer though!

Make sure that you’re not just a face behind a stall and interact with your customers and show plenty of enthusiasm.

• Leaflets

Be ready with lots of leaflets and place them around your stall in places that a passerby can easily pick one up.

Leaflets are quite cheap and this is one of the places where they will have maximum effect.

Consider including some kind of incentive to order cupcakes on the leaflet such as a voucher code which will give them a reduced price.

• Business Cards

Not only should you be ready with plenty of leaflets but take some business cards with you too.

Business cards are more expensive than leaflets so try to get rid of the majority of leaflets before you start handing out business cards.

If someone approaches you about stocking your cupcakes or if an events company approaches, make a good first impression and hand them one of your professional business cards!

• Cupcake Samples

If you’re a fairly new business and are curious to see how people respond to your cupcakes, an easy way to find this out is by having free samples on hand for people to pick up and eat. Don’t be over generous else people won’t even need to buy a full cupcake!

Offering free samples can have varied results. Often the passersby who “try” a piece of cake have no intention of actually buying any, don’t be disheartened by this, either pull the samples off the table altogether or only offer them to people that seem genuinely interested.

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