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Start Selling Cupcakes to Local Cafes and Shops

A great way to make additional income from your cupcake business it to supply local cafes, shops and restaurants with cupcakes.

Promotion Opportunities in Shops

There are many benefits to supplying local shops with your cupcakes. Not only is it a great way to make regular income but it also gives you the opportunity to grow your brand, gain new customers and possibly advertise your business.

Home Cupcake Business Stockist Cafe

Discuss with the shop owner / manager if it would be possible to leave business cards or leaflets in the shop (if you don’t ask you’ll never know!) This will generate more leads to potential customers contacting you and ordering cupcakes.

As with all products, cupcakes aren’t suitable for all kinds of shops. Try to research what kind of customers the business has and will they likely to be interested in buying your cupcakes?

It may take some trial and error to find the best locations to supply your cupcakes to but they are out there!

When you do find a stockist that works well for you, both businesses will see the benefit. They will gain new customers because they are stocking your cupcakes and you will benefit as your business will be exposed to their already established customer base.

Some ideal local businesses that you should approach are:

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Sandwich Shops
  • DelisHome Cupcake Business Money

How to Price Your Cupcakes for Shops

When you do achieve an arrangement with a shop to supply your cupcakes on a regular basis, the main thing they will want to know is how much the cupcakes are going to cost.

Discussing money is something that you shouldn’t be worried or anxious about, this is why you’re running a business after all and discussing money is something that will happen all of the time.

Before you go to any businesses with samples, have an idea in your head of a price that you feel is acceptable but you will still making a good profit on.

The shop you are supplying will obviously want to get your cupcakes for as cheap as possible because they want to make a profit from them too!

Don’t Waste Left Over Cupcakes

If you happen to have any extra cupcakes left over after you’ve finished the orders for the day, don’t just throw them away or eat them (very tempting I know).

Package them up nicely in a bakery / gift box and take a sample box to local businesses that you think might be interested in stocking them.

Before approaching any businesses remember that you must have been approved by the Food Standards Agency and should also have a Food Hygiene qualification.

Have you tried to get your cupcakes stocked in a local shop or are you thinking about doing it? Share your experience in the comments below.

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