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Featured Business: Big Cake Little Cakes

[ad#links468] Today's featured business is Big Cakes Little Cakes who are based in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire! I am a cake baker who works from my own kitchen in Bromsgrove.  I love to create beautiful bespoke cakes and cupcakes for all occasions. …

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Jenis Cupcakes

Featured Business: Jeni’s Cupcakes

[ad#links468] Today's featured cupcake business is Jeni's Cupcakes, who are based in Cockerham, Lancaster! I started Jeni's Cupcakes in May 2012 as a way of moving indoors instead of working with horses!!  I absolutely LOVE baking them and have also…

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Stationery Needed for Running a Home Cupcake Business


As with all businesses, your cupcake business will need a whole range of stationery ready for use.

One of the most important things to remember about your business stationery is to make it all match by using your branding. Having a professional looking stationery set shows that you’re a serious business and want to impress your customers.

In the digital age not every piece of stationery needs to be printed anymore, some documents such as letters and invoices can be saved a .PDF files. These can then be sent to your customers via email and are easily opened using the free Adobe Reader program.

Here we’ll run down the stationery items that you’ll need:

Essential Cupcake Stationery

• Business Cards

Include: Business logo / name, phone number, email address and website address

Take a look at our article here for lots of valuable information about business cards.

• Letterhead

You may not have to send out many letters but it’s best to have a letterhead saved on your computer and ready to use just in case.

Include: Address, business logo / name, phone number, email address and website address

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Buy a Custom Business Uniform to Promote Your Cupcake Company


There’s no better way to get your business noticed than advertising it on your uniform / clothing.

If you’re running a cupcake delivery service from home then you’ll be out a lot of the time interacting with people and it’s not just your customers who will see you, lots of onlookers will too. If you don’t have your logo or company name visible to all of these people then you’re missing out on a huge, FREE advertising opportunity.

The only initial payment you’ll need to make is to actually buy the personalised clothing, which will then last for a couple of years!

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