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Cupcake Voucher Design

Offering Christmas Cupcake Vouchers for your Cupcake Business


You may be fully booked this Christmas but there’s still another way that you can optimise your profits over the festive period. Offer Cupcake Vouchers!

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to buy certain people presents for Christmas (you know who they are), what better way to surprise them than with a voucher for a yummy box of cupcakes, delivery included!

Vouchers are a very easy way to fill your diary up with orders, they also guarantee a regular income once purchased.

The voucher idea doesn’t need to stop with just one gift box though, why not offer a “Cupcake Club” service where your customer can pre pay for 6 – 12 months of cupcakes for someone. Freshly hand delivered cupcakes to their door once per month.

Your customers could choose to have a mixture of flavours or simply have the same delicious flavours each month, remember to decorate them accordingly (male / female).

Christmas Cupcakes

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Home Cupcake Business - Christmas Cupcakes

Preparing Your Cupcake Business for the Christmas Rush


Cupcakes at Christmas have become the norm and it’s the one celebration throughout the year where you’re going to see an increase in orders over a short period of time.

Provided you’ve advertised and promoted your christmas cupcake range, you’re likely to be fully booked over the festive period. You may even have to start rejecting orders because you’re so busy!

Promote Your Christmas Cupcakes

Don’t take it for granted that your customers will know that you’re offering anything special at Christmas.Make sure you let them know what you’re offering, whether it’s new flavours specially chosen for the festive period or perhaps you’re offering festive decorated cupcakes. You need to let your customers know.

Many businesses overlook this or might put it off due to not having enough time. Don’t let anything get in the way of promoting your Christmas cupcakes and make time to advertise them. It will be worth it.

Use social networks like Facebook and Twitter to promote your christmas cupcakes. Even if you don’t have a huge following on social networks yet be sure to use it to it’s full potential, it’s free after all! You can use your website too, just add a festive photo and some descriptive text to the home page.

If you have time, make up a box of Christmas cupcakes and take a photo of them to show your customers what you’ll be offering, this will be much more effective that just writing about it.

Home Cupcake Business - Christmas Cupcakes

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Optional Extras To Make More Money From Your Cupcakes


Selling cupcakes is the main focus of your business, but there are optional extras that could be offered to customers to help increase your profit.

Often the customer who is sending the box of cupcakes isn’t going to see the recipient in person on their birthday. Consider offering other gifts to accompany the cupcakes as it’s likely they would like to send many celebratory gifts to make up for not being there to celebrate!

If you are able to offer extras, it will make your customers experience a lot easier too. They’ll be able to arrange everything for the occasion through you instead of having to send each thing seperatley.

Here are some tried and tested ideas that you could easily use to make additional money:

Gift tag

A very quick & simple optional extra that you can offer is a gift tag. A small gift tag can be attached to your cupcake gift-boxes with a short message from the customer to the recipient to let them know who has sent the cupcakes. offer the perfect service for this as they allow you to upload a number of images to their site and have each design printed in high quantities. This will give you a selection of colours / patterns ready to choose from. Perfect for having designs ready for all occasions and recipients!

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