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The Best Cutters and Icing Decorations for Christmas Cupcakes


Christmas is the one time of year when you’re able to do something completely different with your cupcakes for everyone!

Don’t be overwhelmed by thinking that you have to spend hours making personalised Christmas decorations, there are lots of excellent cutters that you can use to make outstanding cupcakes.

There are so many cutters and decorations available for Christmas themed cupcakes. Here we’ll go through some of the best:

• Reindeer

The reindeer cutter is very easy to use yet still very effective. When you buy a reindeer cutter set you will get 2 cutters, one cutter is the correct size for normal size cupcakes and the second cutter is the perfect size for mini cupcakes!

Mix a sprinkling of Tylo Powder into some regal icing and roll it out, not too thin also make sure it’s not sticky. When you have the right consistency get cutting! You may have to encourage the antlers out by either tapping the cutter or pushing it out with one of your thin icing tools.

Finish them off by adding a red nose! Roll a small ball of red icing, wait until the reindeer and the nose are dry then stick them together using a clean brush and a drop of water.

Buy the reindeer cutter from Amazon HERE.

• Robin

Robins like to show their little heads around Christmas time and they look really cute on top of cupcakes!

Just like the reindeer cutter, the robin cutter also comes with 2 different size cutters. However this time the smaller cutter of the two will be perfect for both normal size and mini cupcakes.

Finish the robin off by adding a red breast and a tiny black eye using an edible ink pen.

Buy the robin cutter from Amazon HERE.

• Snowflake

Christmas Snowflake CutterThings can start to get a little tricky if you are using the snowflake cutter for the first time.

Be patient, make sure that your icing isn’t too sticky and you’ve used the correct amount of Tylo Powder, you’ll get the hang of it eventually. If it continues to stick, try putting some icing sugar into the cutter, this will help the icing not to stick and enable you to cut them out!

The snowflake cutter comes in 3 different sizes, these are the perfect size for normal and mini cupcakes.

Test this in advance to make sure you know how to do it. Also make sure that they aren’t too brittle as they will easily break when you try to pick them up and place them onto your cupcakes.

Buy the snowflake cutter from Amazon HERE.

• Christmas Tree

What Christmas cupcake giftbox would be complete without a Christmas tree in it?

Finish the Christmas tree off by adding a small gold star to the top! It you want to make it extra special, you could add metallic edible balls to the tree to make them look like baubles.

Buy the Christmas tree cutter from Amazon HERE.

• Gingerbread Man

Christmas Gingerbread Man CutterWant to add something a little bit different to your Christmas giftboxes? Add a gingerbread man! People have gingerbread men and gingerbread houses at Chritsmas time and they make excellent decorations for your cupcakes too!

Use light brown sugar icing to make these decorations or if you really want to surprise your customers you could actually make them out of gingerbread!

Finish the gingerbread man off by adding eyes and a mouth using an edible ink pen. Then roll a few small balls of white icing and stick them to the gingerbread mans chest using a drop of water for buttons.

Buy the gingerbread man cutter from Amazon HERE.

• Holly

One of our personal favourites is the Christmas holly cutter.

These come in a set of 3 and are the perfect size for both normal and mini cupcakes.

Cut the holly out using the plunger cutter then let it dry in a curved holder, this will give a much better effect than it simply being flat. It will also be much easier to stick the small red icing balls into the centre to look like berries.

Once dried, the holly works best on either chocolate or white/ivory buttercream. Topping a chocolate cupcake with the holly decoration makes it look very similar to a yule log!

Finish the cupcake off using a sprinkling of icing sugar, it looks like snow!

Buy the holly cutter from Amazon HERE.

• Bell

Last but not least is the festive bell.

These are really quick and easy to make, simply roll out some light brown sugar icing then cut out the bell shapes using the plastic bell cutter. Before they dry, use some gold edible dust and a clean brush to spread it all over the bell then leave it to dry.

Finish the decoration off by adding a gold edible ball underneath it once it’s stuck onto the buttercream.

Buy the bell cutter from Amazon HERE.


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