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What Your Cupcake Business Will Need This Winter


Winter’s on its way and for us in the UK it’s apparently going to be a cold one. It’s best to get prepared and ready for the cold wet weather before everyone flocks to the shops to clear them out.

We’ve had to deal with all weather types, fortunately the cold weather is a lot easier to deal with than the extremely hot weather (melting buttercream!)

Here’s some ideas to help you prepare for the winter weather and make sure your cupcakes are delivered on time!

Winter Gloves


When you’re out delivering cupcakes over the winter period you’ll definitely need a nice warm pair of gloves otherwise your hands are going to be freezing!

Fluffy gloves won’t be the best option here, you’ll need some gloves with plenty of grip for holding the boxes of cupcakes.

If you’re a touch screen mobile phone user then you should definitely get yourself a pair of gloves with specially designed fingertips that will enable you to use your phone!

Don’t make the mistake of buying a pair of gloves that you have to take off every time you need to answer the phone. They are also essential if you’re going to be using a touch screen Sat-nav while out on deliveries.

Hat / Ear Muffs

There’s only so much that your ears are going to be able to take before they start to hurt or you get ear ache. Grab yourself a nice warm beanie or set of ear muffs ready for driving around and delivering your cupcakes.

If you’re likely to have to answer the phone a lot, ear muffs won’t be the best choice and you should opt for a snug beanie.

Warm Coat

This may seem obvious to most but make sure you’ve got a really warm coat ready for your winter morning deliveries. Even a fleece or thick lumber jacket will be great, however if it’s going to be snowing on you you’re going to need a waterproof jacket unless you want to do the rest of the deliveries soaking wet.


Nothing is worse than getting the car/van loaded up with cupcakes ready to deliver them only to find that all of your windows are iced over.

Be sure to have an extra can/bottle of deicer handy, ready to ensure the day gets off to a smooth start.


If customers are going to be collecting from your house over the winter period you need to make sure it’s going to be safe for them to do so.

Invest in a bag of grit, then if your path, steps or driveway does become slippy or covered in snow, you’ll be able to get rid of it and make it safe for your customers again.

Snow Trax

Snow Trax

Don’t fancy wearing wellies? No problem, find yourself a good pair of snow trax. These won’t keep your feet warm or dry but they will keep you safe on the wet and slippy pavements.

You probably won’t be able to drive with these on so it would be best to take a pair of shoes to change into when you get back into the van/car.

Container For Safely Carrying Boxes of Cupcakes

If you don’t feel safe or you want to be extra sure that your cupcakes aren’t going to get damaged when you’re carring them to their destination, take them in a plastic container.

Plastic Cupcake Container

You can pick these up for quite cheap, a small “under the bed” box will be perfect. This will allow you to balance yourself better when walking on a slippery surface or in the snow. You can also put a lid on just incase you do slip over (LOL! hopefully not) then at least your cupcakes will be safe.

Carrying the cupcakes in a plastic container will also stop the box getting wet and ruined by either snow or rain.


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